NOA sistemas is established from the vision of integral solution, to reach this NOA makes strategic relations with complementary integrators, high capability and expertise.

∘ More than 10 years of experience in:


∘ Production and assembly systems


∘ Plant engineering and resource management


∘ Innovation and technology management


∘ Design and mplementation of strategic continuos improvement systems


∘ More than 20 years of experience in:


∘Industrial robotics


∘ Process development


∘ Welding


∘ Automation


∘ ROI analysis


∘ Business Ddevelopment


∘ Production systems implementation


∘ Quality Assurance processes and procedures (ISO)

∘ More than 20 years of experience in:


∘ Mechanical Engineering


∘ Design and development of toolings, jigs and mechanisms


∘ Design and development of dedicated machines


∘ Tools and manipulators for plastic injections


∘ Simulation and validation of productive processes

Resources and Experience



Individually or sharing and teaming our resources, we attack the problems and deliver the required solutions to gain competitive advantages and productivity that make the difference in today's global industry scenario.




NOA Sistemas SA de CV Independencia 1906-202 Villas de San Nicolás Aguascalientes, AGS. 20115 MEXICO


Tel. +52 449 175-4042